Blue Box

blue box

New Prayer Box–this one is all blue and silvery.  I seem to have spent most of the time lately in the goldish, bronzish, coppery area and thought I’d take a break and move into the cooler silvers and pewters for a change.

Box is made of paper and painted with blue acrylic on the outside and silver on the inside. The writing inside says ‘O Lord, fill my mouth and write upon my heart that which you would have me say.”  There’s a decoupage image of the Holy Spirit stained glass window in there, too.

silver inside

 The feet of the box are really cool looking silver beads.

silver feet

The underside has an archival sticker of a black flower–daisy like shape–with dots! 🙂


The lid is really an integral part. The outside is painted with blackboard paint and then trimmed in shiny blue nail polish. The inside of the lid is archival paper that has a really neat felt texture to it. It’s been lightly distressed and silvered.

chalkboard lidinside lid

And HERE’s why the lid is integral…..the star shaped chalk. The lid is designed to be used as a mini blackboard for words or phrases or whatever the recipient wants.


And the tissue paper that wraps around the chalk and goes in the box is the same type of black and white daisy like flower.


This box is a gift for a specific person and not a found art piece, so I can’t post this till they’ve received it! Mailing it today (June 18)


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