Pink Fourth of July on the Third of July

This week I am sharing pictures of last year’s Fourth of July Church Pick-Nick. We had a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to this year, too.

Want to learn about Pink Saturday? Then go Here: How Sweet The Sound.

Also, check out these pink folks, too:   Daily Living and Do These Shoes Match This Purse

Lastly, if anyone who drops by has the time, I’d like input on something. At my church we are starting a new program called Art + Craft + Spirituality. I wrote a little something about it in this post here. We’ll meet twice a month to learn about and participate in a craft/art that is somehow connected to spirituality. This first time–starting next week–we’ll be making prayer beads. What I’d like to hear from you all about is what you think about this whole idea of craft and spirituality.  Do you think that creating something can be spiritual? Can it be a kind of prayer? If you’re willing to share, what are your experiences with this kind of thing?

Thanks so much for taking time to share with me anything you wish and thanks also for stopping by!  Enough talk now—time for pictures!!

Pink Flowersbee balm



6 thoughts on “Pink Fourth of July on the Third of July

  1. Hi Rosemary, love your pictures and your faith..Have a blessed 4th and thank you for stopping by my blog! In answer to your question about the crafting, I think it’s a wonderful way to meld crafting and spirituality! What better than making a Christian craft and the fellowshipping that goes with it? I say YES!


  2. Oh absolutely I think working with your hands brings people together in a different way – and you may connect with people you never would have. Our church has two groups – ladies that meet every Monday morning and make all kinds of crafts and a group that meets on Sat mornings to knit or crochet prayer shawls to give away. Almost every part of every bible school in any church – crafts are how the kids learn…and music! So yes I think it’s a wonderful idea and wish you the best of luck with your project.
    Thanks so much for your insight on “Anthem”. I agree with all you said!
    Have a wonderful holiday…and Happy Red White and Blue Pink Saturday! Blessings, Nancy

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