covert post from the kit ten

kit tenshhhhh


it is me!

Kit ten!

 I am making a secret post

so don’t tell her I did it

She — that’s the mama –she

never suspects me of anything

cause I’m not as smart

as Jesse

and he’s so smart that she

— that’s the mama–

oh, I said that already,

always thinks he does things

but it was me!


I may not be really smart

but I am what you call Cute! And that’s bestest of all. I have beautiful eyebrows. See? See? See them?

They are long and dramatic and amazing and hypnotizing and and and

And you know what else? You know what else?

There’s a rabbit outside the window and if I could get to her, you know what I would do? You know what I would do?

Well, actually I do not know what I would do because I have never played with a real rabbit.

Just my little toys and they are so fun and there’s one right over there that is really

needing to be played with so bye now

cause I’m doing the running-jumping-playing thing cause I’m Kit ten!

shhh do not tell I made the secret covert post. you won’t tell because I have cute eyebrows

and because Iam what you call cute all over

ok bye


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