DIY Christmas in July

So, there are tons of Christmas in July sales at various places. Reasonable. It is July, after all. This has gotten me to thinking. I’ve been aiming for an all DIY Christmas for some years now. Most of the time I make the majority of the gifts I give and have been slowly increasing that each year. Now I think I’m ready for the full committment!

Therefore, I am committing to an all DIY Christmas Holiday this year. And I”m starting now. It actually makes more sense to start a DIY Christmas in July than it does to start shopping in July since, most of the time, whatever you by in July you’ll forget about by Thanksgiving anyway. When you’re making it all, you have to start early.

Here’s my parameters. Aiming for making everything myself–as much as is reasonably possible–and also aiming to use locally produced materials and/or small vendors when ever I can for supplies. If I absolutely positively cannot make it myself–like, someone ONLY wants one thing and I could never manufacture it–then I will only buy it from owner/operated companies. This includes gifts, decorations, wrapping paper and cards. And whatever else I’ve forgotten, too.

I’m excited!  I hope I can do it! And I invite anyone else who’s interested to join in!


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