Pink Saturday

So this week, I’m trying desperately not to post any pink flowers. Not because they’re not beautiful, because they are, of course! but because that’s what I always do.


 little dutch girl

Here’s a cute little quilt square from my mom’s Little Dutch Girl quilt that I’m working on. They are adorable!

pink teapot light

And here’s a neat teapot lamp in front of a deep magenta/pink wall at a Tea House here in town.

Be sure to visit How Sweet The Sound to see more pink Saturday stuff!!!

PS: Just like all week long, I have been unable to post comments on any Blogger blog. I’ve been told that it is because there is some type of communication problem between wordpress and bloger. Today I’ve visited these people and You Should Too 🙂

Sweet nothings

Angelic Accents

Living beautifully

Fitty’s Pinky Rose Cottage

The Red Bulletin Board

And lots others, but these were just the ones I coudn’t comment on. I hope Blogger and WordPress can be friends again soon 🙂


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