DIY Christmas Progress

Since I started the idea of making all my Christmas gifts (or at least as many as I possibly can and hand made by others when that’s not possible) I’ve gotten quite a lot done!

First have been tote bags and hand bags. Here’s the progress on a few:


Here’s the fabric stack for the first few bags.  Really pretty stuff. And I have to put in a plug for the fabric store, too! A Stitch In Time in Franklin, NC. Cute shop–mostly focused on quilting, of course, as is so much of this area, but some other stuff, too, including Amy Butler patterns (among others)

These fabrics are being transformed into the Frenchy Bag (see the Amy Butler patters), some in tote bag form and some in handbag.

first bagHere’s the first one–the dots and butterflies are the liner and pocket sections.

And now the finished product!

first bag

I used the little bit of Christmas fabric to make myself a little handbag version of the frenchy bag.  I figured that giving away a Christmas version for Christmas didn’t quite seem fair to the recipient, but I’d get the use out of one before Christmas 🙂  Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! I put cute little buttons on it at the base of the handles for decoration.  They’re snowflake and reindeer buttons from my stash of stuff.

mybagsnowflakereigndeermy bag

Obviously from the pile of fabric there were others and there are actually even more bags and such in the works that I either haven’t gotten snaps of or I’m just not ready to put on line for some reason.

However, I must take a break from the bags to work on the Halloween costume (future post) and, even before that, I’m working on photos for my booth at Colorfest later this month! I’m terribly excited about it, but nervous too. Never had a chance to do anything like this before!


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