Carnival, Costume and Candy


Saturday was our Halloween Carnival and oh what a wonderful time we had! There were over a hundred people who came, both adults and children. We had candy, carnival games and a haunted trail.

My costume was pretty good, too. I was pleased with it in the end, though I did have a difficult time combining the pirate and Steampunk themes–more difficult than I expected, anyway. However, an Airship Pirate I became!

The goggles came out quite well! They’re made from wielder’s goggles, gold and copper paint pens, copper nail polish, brass clock parts, and some small copper spacer beads that resemble gears.  And the make up came out pretty good, too. I do not often wear a lot of make up so that’s a different thing for me. The hat was a monster (I didn’t make it but I did modify it significantly) and was quite huge even folded up in a tricorn. The pin on the dress is the airship insignia pin from Girl Genius comics (Adventure! Romance! Mad Science!) though I do not think it can be seen so well in the photos.goggles

goggles on hatDress and vest/corset is a McCall’s pattern.

I made the necklace with soft wire in copper and other light yellow colors and two pendant pieces: a key and a medallion made to look like a clock with lots of innards showing. Belt was a woven, large belt from Wal Mart with a giant clip tied to it on which I put a ring of copper colored old fashioned skeleton keys. Last but not least is the eye patch on which I put a skull and crossed keys surrounded by a giant gear. Can’t claim that as my original design because I saw it in several forms by several different people all over the internet.

There’s a photo here of me with one of my campus ministry students whose costume was a “hobo from the future” or, at least as I saw it, somewhat diesel punk. Pretty awesome goggles of his own that he made with giant stainless steel nuts, cardboard and duct tape.

steampunk n dieselpunk

I seriously considered chucking the pirate hat altogether and just wearing the top hat I made last year.

This is a fantastic knitting pattern that can be found at Dark Twist and I cannot recommend it highly enough! (aww, miss my long hair sometimes.sad) But, I do not know that I would have been readily identifyable as “pirate” without the hat.

All in all, a good costume!


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