For the Love of Altoids

Ok, I confess it……I have an unusual love of Altoids tins. Actually, any kind of little mint or gum tins but there is a special place in my heart for the Altoids tins. Maybe it was the years in retail and consuming countless numbers of the ferocious little tabs. Maybe it was the history class in seminary where we had a special challenge on a test—eat one of every flavor of Altoids AT THE SAME TIME! Maybe it is just because I like little tin boxes.

Regardless, love them I do!

I’ve got a few projects here that I made using these tins. My favorite is the Swallow Box. And someday I long to do the electroplating and etching done by the guy at The Steampunk Workshop.

However, as I was perusing Instructables…a most awesome site in which one could get lost for days….I came across a genius idea: Altoids Advent Calendar Combining the marvelous Altoids tin with one of my favorite Advent traditions could only be a WIN in my book.

Sassycrafter, the author and creator of this marvelous thing, suggest spray painting the tins. Having struggled mightily with removing the paint via several different methods, I would have to say for easy and speed, spray painting would be the way to go. (I’ve never tried the grilling method, which I might attempt the next time.)  Might be an environmental price to pay, though, and there are tons of ways to re-cover, re-finish, re-do, re-image these tins. Just let you imagination go and you can come up with many options.

Super cool!  It is too late for me to make one this year but I will seriously consider doing this next year!!


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