Christmas Roundup

Ok, so it’s time for the Christmas Roundup!

First, some things I got as gifts.  Books, for one thing, which I’ve already listed in the previous post.  Also some scrapbook paper and a really cool kit for making Christmas crackers–those little tubes that you fill with small candy and toys and the POP apart. Had some store bought ones last year and they weren’t so hot. These are great because I can fill them myself.  A few other things, too.

One of the best things was an awesome tool box for my sewing supplies. It is actually one of the coolest toolboxes I’ve ever seen. It is cantilevered, which means that instead of opening up, the top slides back, and it also has really neat little boxes to divide everything up inside and keep things from slipping around. The little sorting boxes have grooved places to sit so that when you take one out, the

others do not slide around. They’re in the lid and in the inside section, too.

Ok, and now the remaining things that I gave as gifts.

This bag is really cute. It is a bit like a lunch bag with really long straps. The pockets are all around the outside, though there are none inside.











This one was super cute because I also made an apron for myself out of the fabric. It’s the same Frenchy Bag pattern I’ve made over and over.  I think I’m done with it for a while, though.  It was not very difficult and fun to make, with good results, but I”m sort of tired of it now.


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