Without A Voice

So I’ve been pretty far from creative lately. I have knit a few things I guess but I’ve made nothing. Just not felt very creative lately. Dull, actually. Well, that and I got Minecraft and have been building an entire virtual city all for myself.

However, as of about a week or so ago, I’ve had laryngitis and my voice has been somewhere between weak, froggy and raspy.  It was a chest cold that has now gone but I cannot seem to regain my voice.  It is very frustrating, especially going into the climax of the High Holy Season. Lots of preaching, talking and singing to do and I’m beginning to get really worried. The only solution is….. to be quiet.

And boy is that hard!

I mean, really hard!

However, there is something about being quiet that may get me over the creativity desert in which I have dwelt as of late. Spring is here and Summer is coming so time is freer and that will help to.

Also, I have another costume opportunity! This time, it is the congregational formal and the theme is the Old West.  I’m modifying the previous Steampunk Pirate outfit into something western.  Since there isn’t a lot of time, I’m not going to go too ‘steampunk’ on this one but I sure could if it wasn’t this weekend! More on that to come


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