Sort-of Steampunk Bathroom

Ok, so I’m aiming for a steampunk-ish bathroom Why? Well, other than the fact that I really like Steampunk stuff, there is no other reason. Since I’m in a rental, there’s only so much I can do, but the landlord said I could paint the walls in a neutral color if I wanted and since there are great big pink flowers all over them now, it would make my life really happier to get rid of that! But, it’s not a high priority.

So, shower curtain. I made the curtain itself, but the hooks are just awesome!  Love Them!  They came from Lowes. They’ve got the double curtain hooks so the liner and curtain are hung separate.

I replaced the silver curtain rod with a copper one. Well, it’s not really copper, but it’s sort of a copper ish bronze ish looking rod. Regardless, it’s cool. And these really great hooks slide well on it.

The curtain itself is fabric with an antique map print on it. The lower foot or so, which is not visible in the pictures, is a solid brown. I’m pleased.



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